After my last progress report on Zue, the snow and sub-zero temperatures hit, putting a dampener on his return to work.  However, this could have been a good thing, as it was not possible to ride, I had to walk him in hand – what a life saver!  I really did not mind having to walk in 15 m circles round the stables for 20 minutes a day.

The day we were able to go back into the school, he was very calm and walked round wonderfully.  So it came as a complete surprise when after 10 days of walking like a lamb, he was so very naughty when I was about to get back on board.  His behaviour was very out of character and very much like the stallion he is, a timely reminder that spring is on the way! So probably about a week sooner than I would want, Zue has been lunged.  And has now spent the week lunging gently.  Obviously he was feeling good and needed more than walking. Vet is coming this week to assess him so hopefully he will be sound enough to be turned back out.

I have been investigating different calmers on the market at present.  I have learnt a lot about the various types and qualities of magnesium in calmers, the effect of tryptophan on the serotonin levels, calcium required to absorb magnesium.  I am pretty much up on all the products, so please don’t hesitate to ask!

I would like to say congratulations to Tracey Lawson for a wonderful write up in last weeks’ Horse and Hound, and not a bad photo too!

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