Yeah!  After months off and quite a while on complete box rest, our vet wanted me to get on and ride Zue in walk so that he would be more controlled than in hand walking - he hoped anyway.  Pleased to report we managed 10 minutes! 

Zue kept all four feet on the ground and me on his back, could not have asked for much more than that really.  He was very fresh when I got on him, almost piaffed the 10 steps from the mounting block to the arena.  He went into the arena and was about to explode.  Whilst he was trying to decided which way to spin or just simply go up, I called a friend over to walk next to us.  With both of us talking to him we managed to get him round the arena safely.  I could not put my legs on him at all for the first 8 minutes of that!

Was just settling when a big white horse from the DIY yard other side of the farm headed down toward the school - now white horses are Zue's favourite - I think it has something to do with shades of grey (no not the book!) ie he can see them better.  His eyes did pop out of his head and his whole body went tense, I managed to call out and ask if they could please come back in 5 minutes.  Luckily the rider understood and disappeared behind the stables for a little jaunt out of sight.

All good fun.  Onwards and upwards.  Tomorrow will try for 15 minutes.

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