Happy New Year everyone!  I want to say a big thank you to you all for allowing me to work on your horses last year, it is always a privilege that you trust me with your prized possession, and humbling that they let me treat them!  I have met some wonderful people and equines and hope have made the lives of many much happier and healthier.

So with holidays now over, time to get on board and start with winter fitness and training regimes so we can get out there in the summer and strut our stuff - be it around the park for a hack, or round Badminton.

The most exciting news from me is that I start riding my own horse at the end of this week!  As some of you may know, my own horse has been off for the past 6 months with lameness. I intend to write a weekly blog about how I bring him back into work, schooling and hopefully competition.  Many people are unsure about how to bring a horse back into work after extended time off, and whilst everyone and every horse is different, I will write about my experience.  It would be nice to have some discussion on how you manage to get on your horse after a prolonged time off, tips etc. 

So, first discussion – what tips do you give me for getting on and staying on?  To be honest, I am not really worried about day 1, or day 2… but by day 3 he would have woken up!

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