Been a cold cold week!  We must be mad to be riding our horses in this weather - what with the frost bitten toes and fingers, sniffles from the nose, and then over heating body as too many layers, just to strip off and freeze the minute we stop moving!  Oh the joy of owning a horse in winter :-)

I came across this illustration the other day and thought it was quite apt.  Our horses are always trying to tell us something, we just need to be open minded enough and listen.  I come across horses on a regular basis who have been trying to commicate for so long they have given up and subsequently branded as difficult.  I am not saying that every bad behaviour is born from soreness, but I do believe that 95% of behavioural issues are man made, and sadlysometimes cant be fixed. 

The drawing is by a lady called Jo Titman, I can only find her Facebook page, so look her up if you are interested in any of her stuff.

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