In between seeing other people’s horses, I had to find time to see my own and continue his recovery work.  As written before, he was as good as can be expected the first day.  The second took us all by surprise.

Things started very well, Zue was much calmer to mount and walked in the school like he had not had any time off at all!  After 10 minutes of being nanny’d around, my helper stood by the gate whilst we attempted to complete two laps of the school on our own.  ¾ of the way round our second lap, he launched into one without any warning what so ever!  When he came back to earth and I stopped laughing, he launched into another attempt to loosen his rein to effect his infamous capriole movement.  Luckily I was riding him in draw reins so that he could not get his head up enough so after putting in a very swift spin he just managed to bounce all over the place!  After the 2nd attempt, he stood rigid ready to explode again, I had to call my friend over as there was no way I was able to put my leg on and ask him to step forward! 

The next few days saw us being nanny’d the whole time again, luckily without any repeat airs above the ground.

After that the freezing weather hit and has hampered our progress. 

Here is a video of a horse doing both levade and capriole for you to enjoy. 

4/11/2022 01:11:40 am

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